November 2019 handicap

By Naomi Stanley

A dull, grey, damp Monday marked the November handicap.  So as I headed out in full waterproofs with a huge OS umbrella to time with Kat, I was struggling to understand why 26 brave OS Runners were already so keenly waiting in the drizzle to run the monthly handicap…

The usual organised chaos ensued with people not on the list running, people wanting to swap times and the usual wealth of excuses about rain, previous big races still in their legs and the standard ‘how come I’m starting before them?!’  Everyone eventually got off the start line and set off for the 5k loop – now for a moments peace and quiet before they all came stampeding back down the path!

Considering the weather, 50% of the field recorded a new PB on the course – which is crazy and definitely made me double check my timings and calculations!  But well done to all of those who smashed their previous times.  So the PB hall of fame (sorry to Nicole and Andrew who were obviously too quick and missed Kat’s camera action!):

Before the heavy drizzle set in again, the standard photo was taken, and it became apparent why there were so many people out!  Huge thank you to everyone who signed my maternity card, contributed to my presents and have wished me and Rob well in our new crazy phase of our lives!  Am sure I will be back at some point to say hello and maybe even run the handicap with a buggy!! 

See you all when I am back! 😊  

  • Event #88
  • Average time: 24:51
  • Number of PBs: 13
  • Number of runners: 26
  • Timers: Naomi Stanley and Kat Earls
Alan Parvin24:24 PB
Andrew McClune18:30 PB
Den Alexander28:14 PB
Eddie Bulpitt24:07 PB
Ian Robinson20:50
Ian Smith21:35
James Norris32:29
John Horton23:17 PB
Jon Reed-Beviere22:16
Jules Klinko31:03 PB
Keith Spiers21:45
Kieran Ross25:00 PB
Mark Aston21:59
Mark Tabor26:58
Matt Pillinger 20:24
Neil Wilson27:21 PB
Nicole Frith23:41 PB
Peat Allan21:48
Peter Baker30:49 PB
Phil Clayton28:01 PB
Sam Andrews26:17 PB
Sam Martin30:01
Sean O’Grady21:24
Shaun Brown17:41
Tim Manners28:06
Viv Alexander28:13 PB