December Handicap + Review of the Year

The final handicap of the year was probably also the wettest – which makes our timers Claire and Sam even more deserving of our thanks than usual.

Despite the horrendous weather, 16 OS Runners took the course, which is only slightly down on our usual numbers. It being December, perhaps people were spurred on by the opportunity to predict their time and then run blind to see how close they could get?

3 runners did very well indeed, recording new PB’s – well done Alan, Kieran and Ray

Here are the full results from today, together with summaries of total attendances and your PB on this course.

This was a guess your time handicap, with runners pre guessing their finish time and then running blind, here are the results

Congratulations to Sean, commiserations to some of the poorer guesses, although Alan and Kieran are probably consoled by their PB’s.

Drowned rats

Year Review

This was our first full year on the 5km course, having changed in July 2018 when the bridge works on Romsey Road bridge made it unsuitable for a competitive race. It looks like they will finish soon, so at the AGM we will be having a discussion/vote on whether to go back to the old course, or stay as we are.

A total of 241 handicap’s were run by 49 different athletes, with an overall average time of 26:33 and 48 PB’s were recorded. Total distance covered was 749.5 miles, with total running time of 106 hours and 36 minutes.

10 people took part in over half of the events this year (as timer or runner), they are; Naomi and Lucie (7), Sam, Karen and Alan (8), Ian R (9), Keith & Tim (10), Matt P (11) and congratulations Mark Aston for completing the full dozen. Mark is the 2nd person ever to complete all events in a year, after Baz in 2016. Mark’s run stretches back to Sept 18 (16 events), but he still has some way to go to catch Baz’s consecutives record of 23 (Sept 15 to July 16 inc.)

Importantly we were supported by 17 different timers, thank you Claire Savage, Dean Paulley, Ian Robinson, James Blyth, James Norris, Jena Leach, Jon Sharkey, Karen Connell, Kat Earls, Liz Cole, Lucie Woellenstein, Mark Aston, Mark Stileman, Mike Butt, Naomi Stanley, Sam Martin and Siobhain Ryan – without you none of this would happen.