January 2020 Handicap

As is now traditional, the January handicap is run on the last day of the month to give the RED (Run Every Day) participants a chance to complete their challenge by running round together. Apart from David Henderson who chose to use his RED derived fitness to speed round – this is exactly the sort of thing I would do, so big kudos to David for choosing speed over his friends

No comment on whether we prefer the rear view …

As well as 12 ‘group red’ runners we had 9 runners who were giving the handicap the respect it deserves by giving their all – especially Mark Aston, Ray Marr and Alan Parvin who have gone away with new PB’s 🙂

It was also a pleasure to welcome Gus McKechnie (RED) to the handicap for the 1st time, along with several others who have had a reasonable gap since their last participation – hopefully you are back soon.

The conditions were slightly windy coming down Romsey Road and Redbridge Lane, but with the advantage that these are downhill sections and we were definitely getting a gentle push up the path and Paulette Lacave Avenue.

I believe all RED’s started and finished together and hopefully from a combination of official timing, strava stalking and pictures I’ve captured everyone who ran the full course as part of RED

Chatting to a few RED’s afterwards its pretty obvious that tomorrow isn’t a rest day for them, because its

Maybe they’ll be resting on Sunday, but then that’s SLR or LSR (Sunday Long Run, Long Slow Run etc)
You’ll never beat the Bournemouth-Bullet over 50 yards