Stubbington 10k

Stubbington 10k is one of those races that always attracts a big turnout from OS Runners (& others), maybe its because its because its a quick course, maybe its the fantastic long sleeve race t-shirts or maybe because early January date sort of encourages you to show some Christmas food restraint!

Whichever is correct, its very popular, and sold out all 2,000 places in less than a week, when entries were opened in September.

Stubbington 2020 was quite a dry, reasonably warm (for January), but bl00dy windy day, although KM’s 3-7 had a fairly strong side wind, there weren’t any prolonged headwind sections.

There were, I think, 19 OS Runners, including 8 running for other clubs, or as unaffiliated. Fortunately we had a complete mens (4) and womens (3) team for the HRRL team competition – the results of which will be published later this week. No danger of us winning, but it is interesting to see how we measure up against other local clubs when we get a team out.

This was also the 6th race in the 19-20 HRRL season – with Ryde 10, Salisbury 10, Alton 10, Netley 10k, Alresford 10k and Lordshill 10k to go. Ryde and Salisbury are sold out, Alton and Netley are open, but selling fast, with Alresford and Lordshill yet to open entries – we’ll let you know when they do

Stubbington allocate race numbers according to predicted time (which you say when you enter), so its a nice little challenge to try and ‘beat your number’ – ie get a higher finishing position than your race number. I’ve also rebased the race numbers to remove DNS’s – which made up 10.5% of the field – so in the final 2 columns I’ve multiplied the race no. by 89.5% and then commented if you ‘beat your number’.

Here are the results

Huge congratulations to all the PB’s, the team prizes, the ‘beat my numbers’ and everyone else too – running is a massively social sport and OSR make it great

You know you are good when you win £££’s!

I’m extremely pleased to see no OSR’s wearing the race t-shirt before or during the race – put simply, you shouldn’t wear the shirt until you’ve run the race – its a variation of rule #16