Wet & Windy – Handicap February 2020

I think all of those who ran the February 2020 handicap will remember it as being pretty grim weather – which makes our thanks to Karen and Ian for timing and photographing even more heartfelt than usual.

There were 17 attendees, including Dave and Tony who started 30 minutes late but are included in the results – this is always an option for OSR’s – if a meeting prevents you getting out at the usual time, run the course on the same day, send me your time and I’ll include you in the official results.

Despite the weather, 2 runners, Martha and Ray both recorded PB’s, while Andrew was unlucky, just 7 seconds outside which included being held up by a lorry on Redbridge Lane. No first timers, but it was great to welcome Kat back – we’ve had several conversations where she said ‘next month’ etc etc, so it turns out a personal invite created enough accountability for her to run :-). It was also great to welcome Martha back after a long injury related layoff. With a few women OSR’s leaving OS lately, we will definitely welcome more female runners.

& now over to Ian, who wrote some prose for the run report;

Definitely not for the faint hearted. With strong winds gusting up to 40 mph, whipping up the rain and  making it bitterly cold. The sort of conditions that make your Garmin think twice.

But 15 plucky souls decided to give it their all. There were a mixture of approaches. There was the bold stride from the shelter of the cycle shed to the start line with a “weather be damned” attitude. Others  went for the “running start”– leaving the sheds during their 5 second count down to cross the start “at pace”. And those furiously running around the car park trying to warm up and just getting wetter before joining the chase. All set off into a head wind and driving rain, made worse by the funnelling effect of the wall. The run was anti-clockwise, so there were hopes to gain time with wind assistance up Redbridge Lane and along Romsey Road. However that would mean a tough slog back along the cycle path from the 4HS. But they stuck in and all made it back safely, soaked through and chilled to the bone.

World Athletics are looking into the bin bag to establish if it provides an artificial advantage