OS Runners in “Lockdown”

It seems like ages since we were all able to get together for a social run, a quick Handicap, or a Mid Week training session. To try and ensure we keep up to date with each other and maybe even get some ideas to keep our running (or other activities) fun and interesting we asked different members of the club to give us an insight into their lockdown thoughts. Some faces you will recognise, and some new members which we hope to welcome more fully in the future.

If you submitted your thoughts and have not been included below, look out in future weeks!

James Hewitt

As I am a bit of newbie, I’m probably not as elite as some of the others, however my running has come on leaps and bounds and I’m quite proud of it actually! *I am definitely impressed @James*

Where are you spending lockdown? At home in Valley Park/Chandler’s Ford – The local woodlands are great to run round, especially early in the morning.

How has your running been going during lockdown, and how else are you staying active? I have gone from 5km being my max distance (in one go) to nearly a half marathon (I can run over 15km straight now). I’m trying to keep up cycling (I would normally ride to work), and I have encouraged my partner to get out on her bike too!

What has changed about your running? Learning (and experiencing) that a higher cadence can help with climbing the hills. As a tall person, long strides are easy to fall in to!

What has been a positive thing about lockdown? A half marathon is within reach, perhaps a full one should be my next milestone!

What has been the most challenging thing about lockdown? The Southampton half has been cancelled (for this year) so my motivation has really dropped over the past few weeks. Working up the motivation to go out on a run with no visible deadline is rather difficult to me at the moment ☹

What are you looking forward to the most post lockdown? Getting some properly fitting running shoes, I have quite a few blisters on my toes! 😬 …And of course, going out on club runs again!

Jez Hall

Where are you spending lockdown?  Working from/at home as always, in North Norfolk

How has your running been going during lockdown, and how else are you staying active? Since initial lockdown we have been reasonably free to move about as it is fairly remote where we live. When time was restricted to an hour a day, I’d go walking or running across the fields where we live. The walks would sometimes stretch the hour limit. With no one about to bump into, you could go for miles without seeing anyone

What has changed about your running? What would you like to take forwards into life-after-lockdown? I’ve tried to run quite frequently for some time, maybe 3 to 4 times a week – which means short, regular runs and this hasn’t really changed during lockdown. My week was usually geared round making sure I was ok for Saturday morning at 9:00. I also had a couple of 10k’s booked in which have been called off so I haven’t been inspired to up the weekly distances. Since things were relaxed a bit, strangely the running has tailed off in exchange for longer walks, cycling and with better weather, sea swimming.

What has been a positive thing about lockdown? Really appreciating North Norfolk for its quietness, its countryside and wonderful beaches. With no visitors for months, we’ve had the place to ourselves. Also been able to keep on top of my garden. I’ve managed to park work for ½ hr or so most mornings for Joe Wicks Workout – stretching parts of my body that never get stretched when running. I managed to create a Strava Segment in my garden for which, not surprisingly, I hold the top 100 times (male)

What has been the most challenging thing about lockdown? Motivation. I’ve worked at home for many years now so that was never an issue, but opting for a bacon butty over a morning trot has been quite a dilemma

What are you looking forward to the most post lockdown? Parkrun.

What have you done different in lockdown which you have really enjoyed which others could try? I really recommend the sea swimming, or any open water swimming. The initial cold goes fairly quickly and (as long as it is a safe environment) you can push yourself as hard as you like, or literally go with the flow.Better still if its comes at the end of a run along the beach

Some insights from our previous Chairman below… Baz Newman

So I have been spending lockdown at home in Rownhams

Most of my runs have been around our normal running routes that we do from HQ, lots of runs up and over Toothill including a hill rep session up the steep side of Toothill (not sure what came over me to attempt that) https://www.strava.com/activities/3307546177

Also been getting out for runs with the kids.

I have also been staying active by doing the Joe Wicks PE sessions every day with all the family and getting on the static Bike in the garage along with some family bike rides.

Main thing that has changed about my running is I’m running more, which I def want to carry on with.

Lockdown has got us doing more stuff as a family as obviously all of the after school clubs stopped so we had more time to do things together.

Looks like you’re no longer the tallest in the family Baz!

Most challenging thing has been not being able to meet up with friends which has to be the thing I am looking forward to most.  But I am def looking forward to going on a OSR social run.

The thing I have done differently in Lockdown is virtual rugby training for my U10s team that I coach.  I have done multiple videos for the team from rugby exercises, a pass the ball video to fitness videos – I’m sure Baz is willing to share with anyone who might like copies.

And finally but no means least, the person with the most impressive Strava art i have seen in a very long time... Tony Killilea

Puts all my Strava attempts to shame!

Without doubt the most challenging thing about lockdown has not being able to run with others. It’s hard to maintain the incentive to do as much running when you’re on your own, and impossible to do the intense sessions that you might do in normal times.

What I’m looking forward to most, post lockdown, is getting back on the track.

A positive about the period when I had to work at home was having more scope for lunchtime runs.

Before lockdown I never bothered with Strava, but through it have discovered a new focus in my running. Please see the attached pictures which show some of my more creative runs.