What a PB! September 2020 handicap

Its not very often I go all fan-boy, but this deserves it.

Jo Miles PB coming into the handicap was 29:30, from January 2019. 5k round OS later and her new PB is 26:42, an improvement of 2:48. I think most of us would give up alcohol &/or cake &/or one of our less vital body organs to knock 2:48 off our handicap PB.

Not satisfied with that effort, 1/2 hour after she finished, Jo was running 11k round Southampton with her non OS running friends (not sure why she needs non OS running friends, but anyway …).

This was our 2nd lockdown handicap and as with August, there is a remote option too, so run 5k wherever is convenient to you (on the same day) and we’ll include you in the results. This month we had 4 runners starting and finishing at OS and 3 remote runners – as always, if you were remote and I’ve missed you out, please shout and I’ll add you in.

Those at OS also had the benefit of 7 supporters (inc Dean timing), 2 of whom had 4 legs and 1 of whom was more interested in sleeping than running, but with her parents, that will surely change soon

Pretty obvious who takes the better selfie here, but Dean did start us all correctly and get the timing spot on

As we are under EA COVID rules we made a couple of small changes to ensure social distancing was easier to maintain and transmission risk was lower, but these have minimal impact on the event from a participant viewpoint, as the handicap lends its self to social distancing.

Anyway, here are the results

Congratulations to James on running an OS handicap 5k PB by 9 seconds and commiserations to Naomi on missing out on PB PB by 1 second – there’s always next month.

Finally, thank you to Dean for cycling in especially to time and then keeping me company on the ride back to Eastleigh.

See you all next month 🙂