& We have breaking news from Glasgow – October 2020 Handicap

The October 2020 handicap was our 3rd ‘Explorer House or Anywhere’ handicap – as we are not all in EH regularly anymore, you can run 5k anywhere you like and include your time in the official results.

It was also the first handicap we have done in the dusk/dark – and it will only get darker over the next few months. Sadly setting off last and not running to my handicap time meant I didn’t get to see the full ‘bobbing of headtorches’ down Redbridge Lane.

There were 11 runners at HQ plus another 5 remote runners (Peter, Kieran, Naomi, James and Mag). The joy of the handicap is in the numbers attending so it was great to see so many people out and meant it was virtually normal (by comparison we had 10 runners in October last year). It was also great to see Owain Hale-Heighway running with us for the first time in a few years.

Despite the darker conditions we had lots of fantastic runs, Vicki running a PBPB (PostBaby PB – its a thing) of 24:43, James Hewitt running a PB of 24:10, Adam Atkinson running a PB of 20:54 and Gary Ashley also joining the PB train with 20:46. Remotely James Norris ran a PB of 29:07, but we were all chicked 😉 by Mag in Glasgow who ran an all time 5k PB of 20:37!!!! The full results are below the pictures.

As always, big thank you to Dean for coming into start and time us all – we literally couldn’t do it without you.

I expect Sienna Clarke was also checking her Garmin in her pram
Vicki coming in for a massive PBPB
It was dark in Southampton
But not as dark as in Bournemouth

Well done everyone and hope to see you all next month (Friday 27th November).