Running all Over the World – November 2020 Handicap

November 2020 handicap, due to Lockdown2 was entirely virtual, which meant we were …

Any guesses which song they used as the base for this hit? This version reached no. 17 in UK singles chart, the original reached no.3 which is amazing for such an enduring and catchy song.

The remote option was enthusiastically taken to by OSR, with 20 runners taking part, inc 3 on the usual course, while I (Matt) decided to try and settle the age old discussion of which way round the Explorer House route is faster.

There were a large variety of routes – Naomi and James N opting for the flats of Bournemouth sea front, although pushing a buggy undoubtedly made it harder;

We need to sort out a range of baby/children’s clothes in OSR colours

Mag’s route was equally flat – 0m elevation and involved water, but 10 laps – that’s gotta be tough

Sam went for a hillier route (34m) around Romsey

While Sue and Mark S also went for scenery over speed (54m), not that it shows in their times

Anyway, onto the results, congratulations to all runners. To draw out the particularly speedy performances, Mag, James C, Vicki C, Tony and Peter all ran PB’s for the OS Handicap. James N and I (Matt) maintained the record of having run every handicap in 2020, James now having done 12 months without missing an event!

In case you are wondering which way is quicker, I ran 21:44 clockwise first and then 21:14 anti-clockwise. I did set out with a belief that anti clockwise is quicker, but that can sometimes be a self fulfilling prophecy, tempering the 30 second difference is that it takes a mile to get my legs going properly and, inevitably I speed up in the final mile of the 2nd loop as there is no need to hold anything back for subsequent miles at that point.

In case you couldn’t work out the Q at the top;

Which Status Quo opened the Live Aid set at Wembley with Live Aid – Wikipedia (as there are a lot of OSR’s who weren’t born in 1985). RAOTW is actually a cover of John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival) song

Thats enough Rockin’/Runnin’ all over the World, so I’ll leave you with this one from the Spencer Davis Group;

December handicap is the 17th December and we should be able to do it from OS in traditional format again if you wish (virtual will be available though).