Another Remote One – January 2021 Handicap

I think we all long for the day when we can congregate at the start line, moan that our handicap isn’t fair, grumble that the wind is in the wrong direction, discuss which way round is faster (anti-clockwise, all day long), but most importantly encourage other runners and have a good time TOGETHER

Nonetheless, as runners we have some fortune in lockdown in that the thing we do is still able to happen, albeit individually and on our own courses.

One of the most fun parts of the write up when we are remote is looking at where everyone ran and how much elevation there was. The Explorer House course has about 40m elevation across the 5k, what goes up, must come down of course, but you never get back all that you lose and depending on the profile of the course and your preferences for short/steep or long/steady each course will be preferred by different runners.

Anywhere, here are some of the courses run this month

Rob Crocker’s loop in Bournemouth, with 10m of elevation
10m, far too much for Naomi and James, who managed 2m of elevation along Bournemouth seafront
2m – that’s like Mount Everest – Mag following the river managed ZERO metres (that’s correct, not 1 metre of climbing)
Baz OTOH found a route that was net uphill
Neil ran round the Common as part of RED
While Viv followed the River Test
Owain went round Dibden Purlieu
Jo Meningen (you’ll know her as Shannon) smashing out a PB close to home
Finally, as a ‘resident’ of Explorer House I’m still able to run the ‘normal course’, once clockwise, then anticlockwise immediately afterwards. Anti clockwise being 18s faster (last time out I ran AC first was 8 seconds quicker, time before AC 2nd & was 30s quicker)
I’m thinking it was a bit cold for ice cream, although Zach will be lovely and warm in his sleep suit

Anyway, onto the results, hopefully I’ve captured everyone, it is a bit trickier when there are runs going all week, so if I’ve missed you, please shout. Welcome to Rob and Lee on their first OS Handicaps and congratulations to Jo & Owain for handicap PB’s 🙂

I’ve just noticed this is our 97th event. Fingers crossed the 100th event (April) the COVID situation will have improved and we are able to have people running from Explorer House.