Hello, Goodbye

March 2021 Handicap

After restarting the handicap from Explorer House in August, we were then, sadly, had to pause again in January, as COVID variants became more wide spread and UK Gov’t/EA rules and guidance didn’t permit groups of more than 2 outside.

Following easing to the ‘rule of 6’ in England from 29 March, coupled with EA guidance around COVID secure venues – which the handicap is – there are lots of rules around this, but the main 2 are ‘is it outside?’ and ‘can you socially distance?’, pass those 2 and the other requirements are unlikely to be insurmountable hurdles – meant we were able to restart ‘proper handicaps’ again. Although, with Ways of Working (a rebrand from Future Ways of Working), now looking fairly embedded at OS, there is no doubt we will be offering remote options for as long as there a desire for them. All that said, its much nicer to have people running from OS.

So that’s hello, now goodbye;

Definitely no walrus’s running today

It was Viv Alexanders official last day as an OS employee. At risk of embarrassing her, some of the newer club members might not appreciate everything Viv has done for OSR in the past – so I’ll hit the highlights – Viv was involved with OSARC (OSR predecessor) for many years and was a regular participant at the CSSC Road Relays, 10k and Cross Country. Following the club becoming OSR in 2013, Viv joined the Committee where she was a great asset, particularly in becoming first a Leader then a Coach, Viv established and ran the weekly mixed ability sessions (AKA the pain train, hurt locker etc) from which we all benefitted for several years, before sharing the coaching with other members, while retaining the position of EA liaison. On the subject of EA, Viv was a driving force behind our EA accreditation which moved us from a work based club to a ‘proper running club’ and enabled us to compete in Hampshire Road Race League and other licenced races sporting OSR kit. While Viv has retired from OS she will remain a member of OSR and, of course, many of us have benefited from her soft tissue business bridge2fitness Bridge 2 Fitness – Viv Alexander, Soft Tissue Therapist which she will be continuing with.

Anyway, now onto the actual race. There were 6 runners from Explorer House – with almost as many spectators to cheer us on, we also had a very impressive 50% PB rate at Explorer House – well done Jason, Jo and Viv. Jo particularly benefitting from the ‘encouragement’ of Matt for the first 3k, which was joined by Mark’s more supportive words for the final 2k

There were also 3 runners on Bournemouth prom – well done James, Kevin and Naomi, so if you live down that way and fancy making it 4 next month (when, maybe the ice cream vendor will be open), then just let them know

I suspect when the ice cream shop opens, there’ll be more runners in Bouremouth than at HQ
Peter Baker’s fantastic map of his route.
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