Hampshire Road Race League

After the cancellation of the 20-21 season entirely and the abandonment mid way through 19-20 (when the author of this was on target for ‘I did all 12’ t-shirt), it great to see that the Hampshire Road Race League is back for 21-22.

For those of you who don’t know much about this;

It’s a series of 12 races in put on by local running clubs (& charities) in Hampshire (if you think Salisbury is in Hampshire …)

As the races are put on by clubs the courses are designed for runners and entry fees are competitive

The distances range from 5 miles up to Half Marathon (13.1 miles), all are run predominantly on road and the courses vary from super flat (Victory 5 & Gosport) to reasonably hill (Alton and Alresford).

OS Runners enter 2 teams in the League (1M, 1F). We don’t need to pre-specify the team, even for each race, its simply the first 4M and 3F finishers running under the OS Flag who make up our team.

They are all ‘normal’ races too, so many people can and do enter 1 or 2 races, but there are few (free) prizes for those who do more than a few races;

The mug – everyone who completes at least 7 races* qualifies for the HRRL League (2018-19 rankings on this link Road Race League Summary Page (windows.net)). This is a free mug with your position** in the league on it. If you do super well (like win the league overall), you also receive a trophy – probably not a concern for me this year.

The mug of dreams (male and female options)

There is also a free t-shirt if you complete all races in the series, beautifully modelled by Vicki

It is a fantastic league – you’ll see the same runners at each event and while you’ll be thinking ‘if I can just beat random person with distinctive feature from whatever club‘ someone is also thinking ‘I just wish I could beat that super runner with the fab kit from OS.’

Intrigued, thinking of entering; here are the races in the league, with websites for entering, where open already

Overton 5 – 5 September Overton 5 Mile Road Race – Overton Harriers

Lordshill 10k – 19 September Lordshill 10K Road Race – Lordshill Road Runners

Gosport Half Marathon – 21 November Gosport Half Marathon – RaceNation (race-nation.co.uk)

Victory 5 mile – 5 December, Stubbington 10k – 16 January 2022, Ryde 10 mile – 6 February, Salisbury 10 mile – 3 April, Alton 10 mile – 8 May, Netley 10k – 15 May, Alresford 10k – 19 June.

If you entered Lordshill, Netley or Alton in the abandoned 19-20 season then your entries have rolled over (that was the default, you might have chosen another option) to these races – so check your email and don’t re-enter.

All races must allow race transfers, so if you enter and then can’t run for any reason you can transfer (sell) your place. There is a facebook group called ‘HRRL number swaps’ which is very active with people looking for places in the run up to events.

If you do like the idea of competing in a few league races, then you’d also be well advised to join OSR as an EA Athlete – if you haven’t already – as the £2 ‘non affiliated’ race entry fee can be pretty easily earned back – its £15 to join OS Runners as EA Affiliation – contact James Clarke/Matt Pillinger if you are interested.

*The league is currently 10 races for 21-22 as Solent and Hayling have both cancelled. The HRRL committee are looking for additional races to fill the gap, which may be Fleet 10k or Half &/or Bramley 10 mile – if it is a 10 race league then the qualification for ‘mug league’ will be 6 races.

**If you do more than 7 races they take your best 7 results for the league – so you can have a bad one and it doesn’t matter.