Who’s ever heard of the Talus bone?

June 2021 Handicap write up and results

I certainly hadn’t until Thursday evening, but it’s the reason James Norris & Naomi Stanley are now the undisputed and deserved champions of current consecutive handicaps – being the only athletes to run every event in 2021. In 3rd place is Joanne Miles, who hasn’t missed an event since January 2021.

In case you are wondering where it is – at the bottom of your leg. I can also confirm that it is not possible to ‘run off’ a stress fracture.

Obviously my google history is now mainly ‘fastest possible recovery time from a stress fracture’, ‘how to speed up recovery from a stress fracture’ and variations on this theme.

The Bournemouth crew moved from their usual seafront route this month, more elevation (a whole 4 metres) but as James notes;

Each month with no ice cream for Bournemouth handicap earns an extra scoop

Its great to see groups of OSR’s running the handicap together, not at HQ. There are several local whatsapp groups, as well you’ll probably have knowledge of who lives fairly local to you – outside meet ups are legal now – up to groups of 30 (& if you can get more than 30 OSR’s out then I’m super impressed).

As well as 3 Bournemouth runners, there were 17 other runners dashing round their 5k route, most impressive being Caroline Renton who beat her handicap PB by 42 seconds (must be the London Marathon training) and Finlay Martin who took (quite frankly insane & massively admirable) over 2 minutes from his 5k PB, I asked Finlay how he did this, wondering if there are any short cuts to success, but it seems it’s all down to hard work

I only really started running regularly in the first lockdown, and since then I’ve mainly just been focused on running further. I ran my first half marathon in April and have another one in person (hopefully) in August. To get ready for those I’ve mainly been doing easy runs where I try and keep my heart rate down and just throw in the odd fast sections in, as I’ve found these are the runs I enjoy the most and aren’t too hard on my beginner’s legs. And more recently in the last month I’ve started to make one of my runs a week an interval session/faster run. I could feel my running had been improving but it had been ages since I really pushed myself over 5k to see just how fast I could go. So when the handicap came round again and I was buoyed by England knocking out Germany I thought I’d try and go out fast and just see how long I could hold the pace for, and it all just seemed to come off! Very happy with the time as I managed to take over 2 minutes off my PB!

So it’s all about training (& structured training at that), which is what I love about running – if you put the effort in, the rewards follow.

3 athletes ran all or most of the Explorer House loop (Viv, Jo and Dave)

Peter Baker celebrated entering a new age category (M70) with a week in Dorset, where he completed 5 1/2 laps of the caravan park

Anyway, onto the results;

That’s all for this month, hopefully I’ll be back running for the July event (probably slowly), in the meantime, happy running everyone and stay safe/uninjured.