October 2021 Handicap

The October 2021 handicap saw a strong turnout on the Explorer House circuit with 6 people running the course on Tuesday lunchtime. This of course gave opportunity for lots of photo’s

Jo was late for this one
While Simon missed this one due to meetings

It was also great to welcome Jennifer Boon (grey getoutside t-shirt), who has recently joined the Consumer Team (& OSR), who is an Associate Product Manager in P&I, working with the Consumer Team on their new offerings. Jennifer was guided round the course by experienced marathon and ultra runner Helen Newman – thankfully Helen didn’t take her off on a 50k epic!

I’m massively confused by Helen’s top being long sleeve in picture 1, but short sleeve in this pic (its the same top – can see the writing on the front)

I ran round with Jo – chatty and steady for both of us – me with a plan to go round again and set a time, but CBA kicked in as we finished, so I did my ‘race’ attempt on Thursday instead.

Sam went flying round, over 2 minutes quicker than last month

While Simon ‘sandbagged’ his pre race chat (‘I’d be happy with 27-28 minutes‘) finishing in 23:57

You might be wondering who took all these photo’s – sadly James Norris, who hasn’t missed an event this year, couldn’t run this month – he has 2 broken ribs, caused while being tackled playing rugby – hope you are back soon James.

This of course means that the ongoing streak of consecutive appearances passes on – the recipient is now Peter Baker, who has run every event since March 2021. In (joint) second place are Karen Connell and Helen Newman who have both run the last 3 events

It’s also worth noting some of the Non Explorer House runs;

Viv ran in the Forest, celebrating Den’s retirement (the previous day)

While Peter ran his 2 lap (South end of Common) route – see last month for fantastic hand drawn map. He also ran the RBL ‘Poppy run’ on the Common the previous Sunday, with Neil, this event raising £3,500 for the Royal British Legion.

And now onto the results, no PB’s, but lots of great runs and it was lovely to see so many people running at EH.

Yellow background indicates a non-EH route