I’m in New York, New York, I want to be a part of it

April 2022 Handicap Write Up & Results

Frank Sinatra might have wanted to be a part of New York, New York …

David Henderson wanted to be a part of the OSR Handicap, while he was in New York

The gift from Luxembourg appears to be a rather unsubtle way of saying ‘you don’t need guns’

Back in the UK, we had a real life handicap with 9 runners from Explorer House, including new OSR member Rebecca Kent

We were timed by James Norris, who due to a ruptured Achilles tendon is unlikely to be running for some time 🙁

Debuting next month – a new version of ‘buggy running’, ‘office chair running’

Congratulations to Finlay Martin who was our only PB this month, Lidia missing out by 1 second 🙁

Finlay recently completed Brighton Marathon, with consistent pacing in a strong 4:20, he’s now showing that post marathon is a good time to set PB’s at shorter distances, as you are in really good shape, but aren’t permanently knackered from all the long runs.

It takes real talent to be this disciplined at the start (don’t set out too fast) and real willpower to dig in and maintain pace towards the end

Also worth noting that Naomi won the battle of the Stanley-Crocker household. Again! And the victory margin has increased from 1 second in February to 12 seconds in April

Onto the results;

Well done to all 18 runners.

& big thank you to James and Baz for timing and photographing.

Great to see Sam, Peter, Claire and Naomi having run all 4 handicaps this year, with Naomi on the longest sequence, having run all events since (& inc) October 2021.

Next month’s event will mark the graduation for our desk to 5k participants, so it will be great to have a big crowd out to support and encourage them.