Woah, that’s a big turnout

May 2022 Handicap Results and Report

For the second consecutive month, we ran the OS handicap after work – this seemed to be pretty popular and we will look to continue it over the coming months.

The event was also the opportunity to present Mag and Matt K with the shield for being fastest woman and fastest man at the OSR Club Championships earlier in May – congratulations to both of them.

We had 6 first timers – welcome Adam Mew, Dave Wilson, Katie Wharfe, Kieran Ingram, Matt King and Scott Civil – we hope to see you back next month. For Kieran the run marked the final stage of the couch to 5k programme she has been following for the last 9 weeks

Kieran was guided/coached/encouraged round by Nicole

Beating Nicole on a sprint finish

Regular attendees will know that we usually alternate the direction we run. Partly because I couldn’t remember which way we ran last month and partly because I CBA to decide this month, I thought I’d mix it up and let each runner decide which way to go. Mag, Scott and I went clockwise and while I think we were in a minority, it meant we passed (hi-fived), Nicole, Kieran, Amy, Naomi, Karen, Sam, Mark, Lee, James and Andrew.

The debate as to which is the fastest way round will go on as long as we have a route we can alternate directions on (anti-clockwise, always anti-clockwise), particularly as it is probably specific to each runner and how they cope with different gradients of hill. What can’t be disputed is that the average for the May handicap of 26:19 is the fastest since December 2020. When we consider that there were a few first timers, athletes holding back a bit, what we can see is that having a larger field of athletes running together will tend to push us all on to run a bit faster than if we were solo. I know that I wouldn’t (possibly shouldn’t) have run a sub22 without Mag and Scott for company/competition.

In other news, the honours in the monthly Stanley/Crocker household rivalry were taken by Rob this month. Naomi claims this is because she was was running a below her maximum to run with Karen who is returning slowly (sensibly) after a few weeks of not being able to run.

4 athletes have run every handicap this year – well done Claire, Naomi, Peter and Sam, with Naomi on the longest run, having run each event since (inc) October 2021.

Big thank you to James Norris for timing us (as he continues his recovery from a ruptured achilles tendon), Jack Wood for photography, Helen Newman, Vicki and Sienna Clarke for support and encouragement.

Here are your times;

Yellow background = Remote route, red and bold = Handicap PB – well done Rob Crocker

Well done Baz and James C on their 50th participation of the handicap.

Lee finishing strong, I believe he caught the timers a bit by surprise – they weren’t expecting anyone back that early / were distracted by Sienna Clarke
‘I’m not being beaten by Nicole – 100%, that is not happening’ Kieran dashes for the line
Scott in his club kit (if you want club kit – message me – Matt Pillinger/look on our website to see what we have Kit & Merchandise | OS Runners
Mark ahead of Andrew
Mag can sprint, I can’t, Scott didn’t want too
Adam nearing the finish line
Sam about to stop his watch (literally 10metres early), makes mental note to check his time …
Katie Wharfe, ahead of (I think) James
Almost too fast for the camera
It seems pretty warm for leggings, but running is also about what you feel comfortable in (psychological gains) as well as the absolute fastest kit