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The committee are responsible for the overall framework and running of the club.  We meet formally once a month, although you will often find us having ‘tea station chats’ or Skype conversations outside of formal meetings.

We are here to run the club for the benefit of all of the members, so if you have idea’s, suggestions, changes, please let us know.

Naomi Stanley – Chairperson


Over a decade ago I first pulled on a pair of running trainers! Many will already know my story that a birthday cider too many saw me signed up for a 10k race and no idea how to run…. or how far a 10km really was! One ‘Couch to 5k’ later and a LOT of perseverance, I made it round in 52 minutes and still hold this as one of my greatest running achievements.

Since then I have run all sort of distances and challenges, and I do love a good social, so am a frequent parkrunner (when global pandemics allow this) and I still can’t believe I get up at that time, on a Saturday, to RUN!!

I’ve been on the committee a few years now and aim to bring a bit of fun to balance the sweatiness. In 2019 when the Chair position became available, it seemed natural to give it a go. Since then I have had a little boy and been on maternity leave/lockdown for 2020 and running had to take a bit of a back seat. Now sat at my kitchen table working, it is strange to comprehend how OS Runners will look in the near future, but I love to encourage anyone to get out there, representing OS Runners, be it at lunchtime or at an external event, no matter what speed or distance, just getting a tiny bit healthier and a little bit sweatier!

James Clarke – Secretary

I started running back in 2009 when I realised one day that I hadn’t done any form of exercise for about 8 years.  When I was younger I would swim competitively at County level and yet here I was getting out of breath going upstairs.  One of the things I fell in love with immediately was the exploring, I found places that I didn’t know existed that I would drive by every day.

I never really considered running in races until I was living out in Chile.  There was a local half marathon on (Valparaíso) so I went for it!  It was hilly and hard, but the sense of achievement that I got from it was fantastic.  Problem is, once I’d set a time, I just wanted to beat it!
Since then, I moved back to the UK and started working at the Ordnance Survey.  The friendly atmosphere that I got from the running club here just encouraged me further and I now find myself doing about 25 races a year!  I’m currently a member of Farnham Runners, but Hardley are my second claim club.

As Secretary, I will be helping out with the various roles of the committee as well as providing support on our travels.

Last year was a phenomenally good year for OS Running, I’m looking forward to helping to keep that momentum going forward.

Matt Pillinger – TreasurerMattP2

I am the treasurer and an EA affiliated member of OSR. This involves paying out funds for approved activities & spend. I maintain the accounts for OSR, which are tabled at the annual AGM and summarise our annual income and expenditure and also organise the monthly 5km handicap run.

Having run at school and for my local club I had a long break from the early 1990’s to 2008, when I started running again by entering Reading Half Marathon – although it (sort of) worked for me, there are certainly better ways to get back into running.  Since then I’ve completed many more races, from 5k up to marathon and a few endurance events (Thunderrun, Endure24, London2Cardiff), but my favourite distances are probably 10 mile and half marathon.

Somehow I’ve managed to be a part of OSR Committee since 2012, During my time the club has grown pretty significantly from a relatively informal club with focus on CSSC events, to full EA affiliation status and lots of social/other events.  Hopefully, I am still adding value to the Committee and the running community at OS generally.

Kevin Hurle  – Kit Officer

I have a love/hate relationship with running….I love to run, but my body hates it when I do!!!

The result of years of rugby, basketball, American Football and cycling (along with a broken femur, tibula, fibula and nearly every finger!!) have left me battered and a bit broken. The majority of my sporting time was taken up with cycling and the joys of Sportives or “popping” to my Mum’s by cycling to Brighton!!

It was suggested that I tried running, so I grabbed myself some cheap running shoes and started running loops around the Beginner route. Eventually, I joined Neil Wilson around the old Handicap route, before having a go at the monthly handicap and Mixed Ability sessions. I’ve since taken part in the Romsey Relay and Stubbington 10k (with the great time of 01:02:34) and keep toying with the idea of trying a half marathon!!

I am the newest member of the OSR committee and will ensure that you are able to look your best when running for the club. On top of the selection of items available to buy, I am on the lookout for ideas on what we can do to expand our range and provide a greater selection. If you want some kit, or are bored and like me to list every sporting injury I’ve ever suffered (how I lost the tops of two fingers is not a fun story!!), come and find me!!!

Dean Paulley  – Publicity/Communication

Growing up I was always rather sporty, it was in the family! My dad was a very good runner and always encouraged me to do more sport when I was younger. I played a lot of football when I was young but then started playing Golf. I played Golf competitively for 12 years, representing school and county. But when I graduated and started work full time I started to look for something which was a bit more social and didn’t require so much time. I was a keen cyclist before joining OS and then OSR signed me up!

The running bug was almost instant. I ran my first 10k with the club within 8 months of joining OS (Southampton 10k) and have never looked back, running multiple 10ks and 4 half marathons. I don’t race or run as much as some other club members and thats become even more true in the last couple of years where I havent run as much as I used too. In the past OSR have enlisted me on some crazy running challenges which has seen me run as part of a team in two 24 hour events, and run from London to Cardiff (mad I know!).

I still have the most fun when I get off-road in the New Forest, or the coast in Dorset (where I grew up) and simply enjoy being outside and discovering new places. I have really learnt that its less about how fast you can run or the mileage you do, and more about how much you enjoy it.

Lastly please don’t think this the club is for fast runners only! OS seem to attract many quick and dedicated runners, but the committee is here for all of you, and take pleasure in seeing the most runners possible out and enjoying running – Happy running.


All our coaches have recognised qualifications, Mark, Eddie, Baz, Nicole, Keith and Egbe all have Leader in Run fitness qualifications.

Mark Aston – Leader in Running Fitness

I organise the Desk to 5k programme which focuses on helping new and beginner runners to build up to completing the 5k distance and share the coaching duties of Mixed Ability and FUNdamentals with Viv, Eddie and Baz.

I started running at the end of 2010 and was previously a member of Hardley Runners and Lordshill Road Runners.  Now I’m a member of OS Runners.  I mainly compete in 5k and 10k events but have done a couple of half marathon’s and one 10 mile race.  I’m an avid parkrunner and have completed over 100 Parkruns as well as visiting over 20 different Parkrun venues.

Nicole Frith – Leader in Running Fitness

I only started running about a year ago (September 2016) when I moved to Southampton to start work at OS. A former rower at university, I decided it was time to give something new a try, in the hope that it would help me get to know people and the area.

A year on, and I have definitely caught the running bug! I train regularly with OS Runners and my first claim club, Lordshill Road Runners, and became a qualified Run Leader in May 2017. A relative ‘newbie’ compared to the rest of the Run Leaders at OS, I am still finding my feet and growing in confidence session-on-session, so watch this space!

Baz Newman – Leader in Running Fitness

I started running in the January of 2013 after a friend of mine persuaded me to enter a Half Marathon on my birthday that year at the start of April. I was playing loads of Football, Rugby and Volleyball at the time so thought I was quite fit and thought the 3 months training should be enough. Oh was I wrong, I went on my first training run of 2 miles and thought I was never going to recover. What had I done? But through running with people in the OS Runners club during lunchtimes and doing a few runs of my own at weekends including parkrun on Southampton Common I managed to finish in 2hrs 11mins.

I definitely have the running bug now and over the last few years have entered too many races to remember.  My Half PB has come down by over 18 minutes and I have finally gone sub 50mins on a 10k.

I am a qualified Run Leader (Leader in Running Fitness) and run our mixed ability groups on a regular basis along with our other run leaders/coaches.  I also regularly attend the mixed ability sessions at lunchtimes when I am not in charge and I also love running parkrun and getting the kids out doing the Junior parkrun on Sundays.

Running is now my main form of exercise and I really enjoy getting other people out running and setting themselves goals that I know they can achieve, even if they don’t.

Eddie Bulpitt – Leader in Running Fitness

I have the honour and pleasure of being responsible for OS Runners Publicity. I write and send out the monthly newsletter, try and coordinate messages from the other committee members and also hassle other OS Runners for stories of derring do in the racing world or training tips

I have always been a runner.  When I was younger I would always run everywhere rather than walk and this has followed me into adulthood although I am little (a lot!) slower than I used to be.  But I represent OS in CSSC national 10km races and cross countries, run in as many 10km and half marathon races that I can in the year but am now thinking of upping my distances beyond half marathon; my son is badgering me to do a full marathon so I suppose I’d better get this distance under my belt!

At the beginning of April 2016 I was on 126 parkruns, most of these have been at Southampton but I do enjoy a bit of parkrun tourism from time to time.

I am a LiRF qualified run leader and take great pleasure in taking Mixed Ability and FUNdamentals groups through their paces and also helping Mark with the Desk to 5k programme.

I am also a run leader for the ABP Southampton Marathon team helping people achieve their goals at the ABP 10k, half and marathon events.

I have also helped beginners on an individual basis by devising training plans for them to reach their goals be it to complete a set distance or to run a certain pace.

Keith Spiers – Leader in Running Fitness

I’ve been working at Ordnance Survey for over 36 years. I was a regular footballer and have always cycled to work. I encouraged my children to be active and they joined a junior tri club and Southampton athletics club. After a year of standing on the side-lines drinking tea and eating chocolate, I thought that it was only fair that I too, experienced the highs and lows of competing.

I did my first Park-run at 46 and then joined Hedge End Running club. Years later, I’ve become a tri coach and more recently a run leader, competed at various distances and admit that my PB’s are already firmly behind me!

I’m passionate about people becoming active and giving running a go. Don’t be hung-up about times and other people’s achievements, just be content with where you are, Running on your own is so much harder so we are lucky that there are so many great people to run at lunchtime.

Viv Alexander also has a Coach in Run Fitness (CiRF) qualification and may been seen helping out with beginners from time to time.

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