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OS Runners in “Lockdown”

It seems like ages since we were all able to get together for a social run, a quick Handicap, or a Mid Week training session. To try and ensure we keep up to date with each other and maybe even get some ideas to keep our running (or other activities) fun and interesting we asked different members of the club to give us an insight into their lockdown thoughts. Some faces you will recognise, and some new members which we hope to welcome more fully in the future.

If you submitted your thoughts and have not been included below, look out in future weeks!

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Romsey 5 (January 2020)

Romsey 5 has become an annual event in the OSR calendar, it might be a bit early in the year for some of our members, but for others it presents an opportunity to have an early attempt at a PB; especially over the unusual distance of 5 miles.

Tony Mabey and Sam Martin share their experiences of the race below… Thanks to Tim Manners for the photos

Egbe looking way to relaxed and happy!

The “Runners” view from Tony Mabey

Some events just work and I think Romsey 5 is one of those. It is local, well organised and a nice route within the Broadlands estate. I crossed the starting line running with David Ball, Diane Borras and Julia Painter and quickly made a mental note to be more ambitious when queuing next year. Ian Painter was quite rightly up the front with the elite runners. No one was in the OS team colours, my own excuse is that the shirts are too short for my body shape… The route was pretty congested for the first mile but everyone was polite and the quicker runners were off in a flash. Before long the runners spread out and we had a chatty social underway. The weather was on our side, any rain on route had passed and the paths and tracks were dry. Everyone settled into a steady pace and the miles clicked away. We were lapped by the leaders and although I managed to get my left and right mixed up, the lead bike was polite enough to move me over. Lap two completed and off down the lane to the far turn. I had a bit of energy left so decided to up the tempo before crossing the line and grabbing whatever was free. Nice to see some support on the way round from the Mark and Sue Stileman and we managed to cheer in Egbe and spotted Den and Viv on route. Not a bad turn out for OS Runners. Medal in the bag…

Tony with his sprint finish

The “Plodders” view from Sam Martin

Peering out of the window on Sunday morning and first bit of the good news was that it wasn’t raining, the second was that this event in the grounds of Broadlands was one we could walk to. Walking down through the town people in running kit appeared, some running or jogging to stretch a little and some conserving their energy and just strolling to the start. By the race start time there were over a thousand runners which led to a congested start to the race, the track is quite narrow at this point. For those of us further down the field it did thin out quite quickly. The course of a number of laps on the paths and tracks of the Broadlands Estate was pretty level, the first 2 laps using the layout of the Romsey Relay Marathon course. Lap 3 headed south towards Lee before we looped around a Bentley Continental, makes a nice change from a traffic cone, and headed back towards Romsey and onto the finish. It was a good turnout from OS Runners, in addition to those that Tony has mentioned I spotted; Egbe Manners, Richard Woodling, Peter Baker, Sean OGrady, Shaun Murray-Brown (who finished in 5th) & my better half Jeannie Martin. A good event overall and another day of RED January ticked off.

Viv and Den in the Totton colours (we’ll let you off this time!)
Shaun on his way (to what we think) is a new 5 mile PB – Congrats Shaun

Update on Attendance Award

At the annual OSR awards we have an attendance award to celebrate the runner who has participated in the most activities and club events throughout the year. Our first recipient of this award was Ian Robinson in 2018.

A point will be awarded for each time you attend one of the following:
– Handicap
– 30 Minute Challenge
– Mixed Ability
– Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL) event – (the remaining one’s are: Salisbury 10, Alton 10)
– CSSC Races
– Romsey Relay
– Mile of Miles
– Parkrun (club champs weekend only)

As award season looms we wanted to give you an update (in no particular order) of the current top 10. It’s obvious that anyone with a name beginning with ‘K’ is a committed runner in our club! There’s plenty of opportunities to up your number of points before the award is given out so start planning your calendars for those handicaps, mixed abilities and 30 minute challenges!

Latest Top 10

Paul Ashley
Karen Connell
Jon Sharkey
Keith Spiers
Kevin Hurle
Ian Robinson
Mark Aston
Rachael Evans
Mark Tabor
Kat Earls