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Nicky Southam tells us about her Desk to 5 k experience!

Desk To 5k – 2017

‘I don’t do running’ has been a mantra I’ve lived my life by rather successfully for many years until 6 months ago, when I felt a very alien urge to go out running. Naturally I ignored it for a while, besides I didn’t own any trainers, yet the urge kept coming back. When the OS Runners club were on the balcony one lunchtime, the lovely smiling face of Egbe enticed me in and I signed up for the 11 week Desk To 5k challenge. I was keen, I bought some trainers, an OS Runners top and filled out the membership form. Goal set: to run 5km without stopping.

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Sports Day 2017

Sports Day – 2017

Being a new member of the OS Runners I wanted to show my support for the Sports Day event and I knew my daughter would love it too. I wasn’t brave enough to sign up for any serious races, just the fun ones like Egg & Spoon, 3 Legged and Kids relay. I was a bit apprehensive about wearing my OS Runners top as didn’t wish to look too keen so eventually decided against it, only to discover nearly everyone sporting their club top when we arrived! Still it was a fantastic event and could really feel the sense of community and friendship, everyone was welcome and included. The children had a wonderful time and entertained themselves in the sand pit and everyone gorged themselves in between races on the yummy strawberries brought by Julie.

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At The Finish Line With…Claire Savage

Tell us a bit about your running history

I was hopeless at running in school and dreaded every athletics season. The 1500m used to take me 15 minutes and that was with great effort.

After leaving school, I used to occasionally run on a treadmill and I certainly never dreamt I’d run outside or do any distance.

Then things changed. I have always played field hockey and after having my second child, I realised that to get back on the hockey pitch I was going to have to be able to run for at least 40 minutes and outside. So, I started to give it a go.  After a few months, a friend suggested I should go out running with her cross country and aim for a 10km. At the time, I was horrified – the thought of running 10km was just completely unachievable coupled with it not being on the treadmill just seemed totally out of reach. But somehow, I ended up signing up for the ‘run up to Xmas’ at Moors Valley and completed it.

The Great South (10 miles) then followed and then I thought I’d give a half marathon a go. I picked one which sounded nice and scenic – the South Downs half heading out from Seaford, Sussex.  Many events followed including Clarendon marathon relay, Pewsey half, Brighton half … and probably the hardest event ever was the Combe Gibbet 16 miler – you catch a coach up to the top of the hill and have to run back to Overton.

My running then came to abrupt halt in 2014 when I had to have ACL surgery on my knee. It took a long time to recover, I put on a lot of weight, lost my running mojo and only did running as part of sport. It’s only since joining OS in March, I’ve started back up.

*Hurry up and take the picture…I don’t think I can stand up for much longer*

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At The Finish Line With…Nick Lindsay

Tell us a bit about your running history

Well I’ve been ‘running’ since my distant student days in Bristol, but that was mainly to contain student excesses and keep in reasonable shape for the squash court. Once my squash career was curtailed through injury my running combined with swimming (for fitness) and MTB cycling for fun led me into the world of triathlon.

Nick trying to remember where he’s left his bike…

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Lordshill 10k 2017

Loitering with intent to run a 10k

If you fancy taking the family out on a really nice day in the middle of June then just check to see when the Lordshill 10k road race is taking place; every year the weather is dry and warm.  In previous years it has been a little too warm!!  Lordshill 10k Road Race 2017 didn’t disappoint this year either with over 600 runners turning out for a 0930 start from the access road at the front of Ordnance Survey HQ.

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At The Finish Line With…Nigel Clifford

Tell us a bit about your running history

Having stopped playing rugby after getting my face rearranged by my opposite number 9, I began running. Having family in the north east the Great North Run became a target and is now a regular event for most of the family – last time we did it I was accompanied by my Geordie brother in law (who has completed all but 1 of the GNRs) and all three younger Cliffords.

What do you mean I’ve got to do another lap?! Nigel ‘The Blur’ in full flight at the Romsey Relay Marathon.

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