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January 2020 Handicap

As is now traditional, the January handicap is run on the last day of the month to give the RED (Run Every Day) participants a chance to complete their challenge by running round together. Apart from David Henderson who chose to use his RED derived fitness to speed round – this is exactly the sort of thing I would do, so big kudos to David for choosing speed over his friends

No comment on whether we prefer the rear view …
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Stubbington 10k

Stubbington 10k is one of those races that always attracts a big turnout from OS Runners (& others), maybe its because its because its a quick course, maybe its the fantastic long sleeve race t-shirts or maybe because early January date sort of encourages you to show some Christmas food restraint!

Whichever is correct, its very popular, and sold out all 2,000 places in less than a week, when entries were opened in September.

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October 2019 Handicap

On a somewhat windy day (who knew you could have a headwind the whole way round the course), just 9 OSR’s took to the start line, including first timers Phil Clayton and Ray Marr. My thanks to Alan P and Keith who ran with them throughout to ensure they didn’t get lost (& hopefully made their first handicap more enjoyable). 9 is also our lowest attendance this year and lowest since August 2014.

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