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Overton 5 mile

As usual, the Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL) starts with the Overton 5 mile race on the 1st Sunday in September.

The course is net downhill, with ~ 80m of elevation in 8km and a couple of sections of over 5% climbs, I was left wishing that, like my bike, I could change gear on the uphills.

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Woah, that’s a big turnout

May 2022 Handicap Results and Report

For the second consecutive month, we ran the OS handicap after work – this seemed to be pretty popular and we will look to continue it over the coming months.

The event was also the opportunity to present Mag and Matt K with the shield for being fastest woman and fastest man at the OSR Club Championships earlier in May – congratulations to both of them.

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Warm up’s and pep talks

OS Runners March 2022 Handicap

As I finished my handicap, I was back in changing rooms and saw Sam Andrews heading out; the conversation went something like this;

MP – How you feeling?

SA – Hmm, not really feeling it today

MP – You’re out here now, you might as well do your best (‘possibly’ using slightly stronger language).

SA – I’ll do my best

Sam’s strava achievements for the handicap

I think this is an example of why self belief is so important

Also running fantastically well in March was Claire Howson who took 1 minute off her PB, having done a 1,200m warm up first.

I’m as guilty as anyone of skipping warm up’s, but benefits are significant;

On top of these, reduced risk of injury from racing on cold legs, meaning you are less likely to lose fitness, while injured.

The handicap isn’t always about racing though – I had a lovely chatty catch up run round the OS circuit with Karen, while Jo ran with Polly.

OSR buff available for human’s and dogs!

& now onto the results, well done to all 12 participants;

Next month we are going to run the OS course handicap after work and have food in WTF/4 Horsehoes afterwards – all welcome, including dogs!