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Victory 5

We are indebted to Neil Wilson for his guest post.  If anyone else would like to write an article  we are always receptive as it keeps the website fresh and gives alternative viewpoints.  If its something you’d like to do, just ask – you can write about handicaps, 30 minute challenges, external events or anythnig else that takes your fancy. Continue reading

The OS Runners 30 minute challenge

Another sunny day, another day for a sunny run.

Like many great ideas, it started with a discussion in a pub. Some good running chat, a couple of drinks and the hypothetical question, how far can you run in a lunch break? This was then modified down to how far can you run in half an hour to form the OS Runners 30min challenge. The inaugural trial was proposed and 14 keen runners agreed to take part. The course was a simple out and back along Lee Lane. The goal to get as far away from OSHQ as possible and make it back in time! Continue reading

Future stars make their debut?

As we all know, course familiarity makes a lot of difference on the handicap, so for Lucie and Harry to run 27:00 and 22:41 respectively on their first appearances suggests that they might both be threatening the very top of the leaderboard in the not too distant future.  From a personal perspective, seeing Harry stride past me after less than 400 yards was slightly sobering too.

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Great South Run 2017

“Alarm set. Forecast checked and route map studied. Bags packed and trainers ready. Cakes baked and supplies packed. A plan devised. It’s race day!

But not as we know it! On Sunday, a group of the finest OS Runners were out defying the after effects of Storm Brian by taking part in Europe’s largest 10 mile road race, the Great South Run. A few of us decided that the best way to spend our Sunday was to get out and support our running friends as they ran and raced around windy Portsmouth! And what fun we had! Continue reading

Civil Service Cross Country

For several years now the Civil Service Cross Country has been ensconsed at the ‘spiritual home of British Cross Country running’ – Parliament Hill in North London.

For those who don’t know Parliament Hill, the clue is in the name, which men run up 3 times, and women twice.  Its got a reputation for being a bit muddy underfoot too.

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