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Marathons, virtual and real

Although whether you do it virtually or in an traditional race, the one thing that isn’t changing – its 26.2 miles with only your legs and determination to get you to the end.

On Sunday 4th October, there were OSR’s completing the Clarendon Marathon from Salisbury to Winchester & the Virtual London Marathon – run 26.2 miles wherever you like. One thing they all experienced was rubbish weather

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A marathon … but not as you know it

3k, 5k, 8.05k, 10k & 16.1k. If you speak in Olde English, 1.86, 3.11, 5, 6.22 & 10 miles

Which ever language you use, those distances add up to a marathon (42.2k or 26.2 miles).

Those OSR’s who have run a marathon will know that it is quite a herculean task, with 4-6 months of training, culminating in the best moment being when you reach the finish line and can STOP RUNNING! An alternative way of running the distance is to break it down into 5 runs, the challenge is then to run it somewhat faster than in a single run and maybe see if you can beat your hard earned actual marathon time.

As always, there are rules;

All distances must be run in June;
You can’t ‘double claim’ a run – so if you run a stonking 5 mile, it can’t count for 5 mile and 5k;
Unless it is the sum of the distances, so a 5 mile run could count for 5k and 3k;
Those who prefer shorter distances were allowed to split the 10 mile into 2 * 5 mile
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