OSR do Bushy parkrun
Jun 22 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Bushy parkrun was the very first parkrun, founded by Paul Sinton-Hewitt in October 2004 under its original name Bushy Park Time Trial. The event has become a pilgrimage for parkrunners attracting entrants from across the globe

Course Map

Course Description

A fast, flat course that runs anticlockwise from close to the Diana Fountain in Bushy Park. After 250 metres or so on grass, running parallel with the play park, the course moves onto a hoggin path towards the Church Grove gate. There is a left turn to take you around the edge of Hampton Wick Cricket Club. Continue towards the Hampton Wick gate and take a left turn into Cobbler’s Walk (also called Nightingale Lane). After passing The Leg-of-Mutton Pond there is a right turn onto a track towards the Sandy Lane gate. On reaching the gate, there is a left turn to take you along the perimeter (hoggin) path towards the Teddington Gate. A further left turn will take you onto the grass of Chestnut Avenue. There is another left turn back onto Cobbler’s Walk. A marshal will indicate the point at which you will make a right turn onto a track to run towards Heron Pond, over a little bridge, round the South side of the pond on a hoggin path or grass (your choice) – the finish is in sight!

Occasionally, the start will revert to the Diana Fountain end of Chestnut Avenue. This may be as a result of other events in the park or dangerous conditions.