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30 minute challenge

Lots of little stories to note today

  1. We welcomed Chloe and Liz as first timers to the event.
  2. James, Emily and Kieran all achieved distance PB’s during the event.
  3. There is only 1 remaining ever-present (after 8 events), the sequence went 14 (all attendees at event #1), 9, 4 (Diane B, Tim, Karen, Matt), 3 (Lost Diane), 3, 3, 2 (Lost Tim), 1 (Lost Karen) – Matt will definitely miss the July event so the run has a known end date.
  4. This is the first time since event #1 that no one has missed the time cut off.

I also like to look at the achievable distance for the challenge – essentially how far you could have run in 30 minutes and how much you left on course. Unsurprisingly the earliest to return, Emily, Kevin and Liz all left nearly 1/2 a KM on course.

If your distance is highlighted in green you either could have PB’d (Kevin) or PB’d by more (the rest)

Finally, a big thank you to Ian Robinson for volunteering to time the event and hence enabling it to take place. There were also lots of other volunteers whose services we didn’t need (Ian volunteered earliest) but we will ask for assistance in future challenges and handicaps.

The ‘Blind’ 30 minute challenge

The 5th 30 minute challenge saw 2 changes;

1 – a new route, heading out towards the Lakes, along Mill Lane.

2 – This was a ‘blind’ challenge, runners covered their watches up at the start and therefore had to gauge their pace, distance covered and when to turn around to ensure they got back within the 30:00 limit – there was a prize for the person who finished closest too, but under 30:00.   Continue reading

30 minute challenge

For the third 30 minute challenge I added a bit of spice, rather than the predominantly flat route along Lee Lane, we would head out towards Lee Lane, but then turn up Upton Lane.  This meant most of us would get to run up the hill on the way out and therefore need to decide how much faster we could be on the way back – the traditional turn at 15:00 would probably result in finishing early and therefore not making the most of the 30 minutes available. Continue reading