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Nicky Southam tells us about her Desk to 5 k experience!

Desk To 5k – 2017

‘I don’t do running’ has been a mantra I’ve lived my life by rather successfully for many years until 6 months ago, when I felt a very alien urge to go out running. Naturally I ignored it for a while, besides I didn’t own any trainers, yet the urge kept coming back. When the OS Runners club were on the balcony one lunchtime, the lovely smiling face of Egbe enticed me in and I signed up for the 11 week Desk To 5k challenge. I was keen, I bought some trainers, an OS Runners top and filled out the membership form. Goal set: to run 5km without stopping.

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Top tips to optimise your running

This is a round-up of some the ‘top-tips’ from research that I’ve picked up on this month to share with you. Some things to think about when you warm-up, run and taking care of yourself to stay in optimal health.  In future round-ups, I’ll try and include links and references so you can find out more if you want, but most of this can probably be searched on-lRunningine.

Land softer. Think about landing softer when you run, study showed – studies show runners landing mid to forefoot registered 54% lower impact forces than those heels striking. Quick feet drills can help with this as it increases cadence which will help you land under your body more and stop over striding. Continue reading