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Romsey Marathon Relay

The Romsey marathon relay is a great event held at Broadlands in Romsey. A marathon distance, but divided across 10 people, so each person runs 2.62 miles.  This makes it accessible to desk to 5k runners and also a speed challenge for some of the faster runners in the club.

OS has won this event for the last 2 years, but we had heard rumours that Romsey Road Runners were assembling a very fast team this year.  Never ones to duck a challenge, OS also sought high and low for the fastest people in the club, determined that RRR would have to work very hard if they hoped to take ‘our’ trophy.

Overall there were 5 teams from Ordnance Survey this year, OS Runners, OS RED (Run Every Day), OS ‘This Girl Can’, OS Project Managers and OS Finance, which meant a total of ~ 50 OS Runners at the event + assorted family and friends.

This was fantastic as a runner and a supporter as there were lots of OSR’s on course at each time and also loads of supporters cheering you on.

Romsey was turned blue and magento on Sunday

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OS Runners London Marathon Place Allocation Criteria

One of the benefits of being an EA Affiliated Club is that we receive club places for the London Marathon, based on the number of first claim EA athletes we have.

For the 2019 event we expect to receive 1 place and the Committee have reviewed and updated the criteria used to allocate the place in 2018, taking into account the nature of the club and also what other local clubs do.  These are as follows; Continue reading

Great Welsh Marathon

As the name suggests, the Great Welsh Marathon is in Wales.  More specifically, Llanelli, just to west of Swansea.  It was a 2 lap course on the Millennium coast path, which was generally flat and scenic.  Scenic is another way of saying exposed, which given the wind forecast for the day meant it would be a little bit harder than we had anticipated. Continue reading

Different things for different people

Salisbury 10 mile 8-April-2018

The Salisbury 10 is an HRRL race and accordingly the standard of runners is fairly high.  Within OSR we fell into 2 camps – those who had targeted it and intended to race as fast as they could and those who had bigger (longer!) events coming up, were pleased to do a ‘shorter’ run on a Sunday, with a focus on getting round comfortably and uninjured.  It is also worthy of note that following the cancellation of Wimborne 20, Bath, Reading, Brentwood & Fleet halfs and Eastleigh 10k due to snow, it was quite a relief to wake up on Sunday to discover Britain wasn’t covered in the white stuff and I would actually get to run.

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