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January 2020 Handicap

As is now traditional, the January handicap is run on the last day of the month to give the RED (Run Every Day) participants a chance to complete their challenge by running round together. Apart from David Henderson who chose to use his RED derived fitness to speed round – this is exactly the sort of thing I would do, so big kudos to David for choosing speed over his friends

No comment on whether we prefer the rear view …
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October 2019 Handicap

On a somewhat windy day (who knew you could have a headwind the whole way round the course), just 9 OSR’s took to the start line, including first timers Phil Clayton and Ray Marr. My thanks to Alan P and Keith who ran with them throughout to ensure they didn’t get lost (& hopefully made their first handicap more enjoyable). 9 is also our lowest attendance this year and lowest since August 2014.

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