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June 2018 Handicap

28 June 2018 – Runners of the June Handicap accidentally colour coding in blue?

The June handicap took place on the second hottest day of 2018 so far…Temperatures soared to a high of 27°C, and I personally managed to get a sunburn in the 45 minutes I spent outside timing all the brave runners, oops.

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Records are made to be broken

The men’s course record was set in March 2013 by Paul Ashley, at 19:20.  The longevity of this record illustrates how fast Paul was and the quality of that time.  It has looked under threat of late though and after 5 years and 1 month, the record has gone, Shaun Brown running a magnificent 19:00 (at a pace of 5:16 per mile). Continue reading

Did you R.E.D.?

January 2018 handicap, by Matt Pillinger

Lots of your OS colleagues ran every day during January to raise for money for Solent Mind.   The handicap being on 31st January gave them all a chance to complete their final run as one big group, although lots of them had run together, and with other members of OSR,  throughout the month.  They started the month with a £500 fundraising target and ended up over quintupling that, with the current total being £2,621.

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