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Victory 5

We are indebted to Neil Wilson for his guest post.  If anyone else would like to write an article  we are always receptive as it keeps the website fresh and gives alternative viewpoints.  If its something you’d like to do, just ask – you can write about handicaps, 30 minute challenges, external events or anythnig else that takes your fancy. Continue reading

Desk-2-marathon in 2 and a half years – New Forest marathon 2017 from Karen Connell’s perspective

Many months ago, Matt Pillinger, Matt Maiden and I arranged to run the New Forest Marathon together. As a trail marathon we wanted to enjoy it rather than push for a spectacular time on what shouldn’t be a PB course. As I was a marathon newbie the two Matts agreed to help me get through it.

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At the Finish Line With…Julie Lloyd

Tell us a bit about your running history

Initially I thought I’d try it as a way of continuing with exercise throughout the winter months (cycling is only for summer!) I had attempted it before when I was a lot bigger and found it most uncomfortable and frankly impossible thing to do. Why run!??
However, try I did. I wasn’t confident enough to join the desk to 5k session but it did inspire me and I asked Tara Anglim to coach me. I always remember the first time, Tara was basically walking but I managed 7 minute before having to walk – that only just got me over ½ mile!

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