July 28, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm
Matt Pillinger

We will be running the handicap anti-clockwise.

I have recently updated the Handicap mailing list from the opt-in/out information that we have.  Could you let me know if you wish to change your preferences or if there is anyone not on the list that wishes to be.


A brief reminder of the rules of the handicap


We start in reverse order (the fastest person last) with the aim that we all finish at roughly the same time.


Your start time is therefore dependent upon your running speed, the first starter will be at 12:15 and we set off with reference to that.  I will distribute exact start times on the day once I know who is running. (most people start between 12:15 and 12:30)


A brief reminder of the ‘rules’ of the handicap


1) We run off our best handicap time in the last 3 months (your recent time); however

  1. a) if you haven’t run in the last 3 months, I will base your start on your most recent handicap run.
  2. b) if you’ve never run the handicap you can either
  3. i) run the course before the event; or
  4. ii) provide me with a recent parkrun time; or

iii)  estimate how quickly you could 5k and I will calculate your likely handicap time for you

  1. c) If your proposed handicap time isn’t indicative of your current running due to injury, loss of (or improvement in) form etc., I am happy to adjust start times


2) The handicap will be a ‘full course handicap’.  A full course handicap means that anyone can finish first and the person who does will be the person who has beaten their recent time by the biggest margin and therefore is the true winner of the event.


Please warm up properly before taking part – running on cold muscles increases risk of injury.  This should be a bit more than just walking/jogging to the start directly from the changing rooms


Hope to see you all out there!