Wayfarers 100k Ultra

By Karen Connell

The Wayfarers 100k Ultra was my 2nd ultramarathon and my 2nd ultramarathon win (dammit, why can’t I be good at something that isn’t sooo hard)! Having completed 90k at Lemur Loop, a 12 hour ultra distance challenge, back in November, the concept of running 100km wasn’t too insane for me, and it seemed to follow on nicely from the recent London Marathon. But actually, looking back, double marathon plus 10 miles is in fact pretty insane!!

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ÖTILLÖ World series Swimrun

Ever heard of it?  No, me neither, but Ian Smith has and here he tells us all about it.

On 9th June I raced the ‘ÖTILLÖ World series Swimrun on The Isles of Scilly’ The clue is in the name you swim between and run around the Isles the total distances involved a 8.5K of swimming in ‘fresh’ temperature water and 33K of what I would call technical trail running with scrambling over a few boulders getting in and out of the swim sections.

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CSSC 10k 2019

The Civil Service Sports Council are our biggest financial sponsor, contributing most of the money (£1,500-£2,000) we need each year to keep OS Runners running and do all the various activities we undertake such as Sports Day, Club Champs awards, kit subsidies etc.

The Annual 10k race (which is actually a bit more like 10.2k) round the former Olympic Park in East London is probably their biggest running event and OS always have a great turnout – this year 16 of us took part, making up ~ 9% of the field – not bad for a relatively small organisation in Southampton.

Having come away with quite a few medals last year, we were hopeful of achieving a similar level of success this year, but I don’t think anyone anticipated what transpired …

In the Velodrome before, hopefully Jon and Tony have made up since this picture (you could get a bus through that gap)
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30 minute challenge

It was a small, but fairly elite field for today’s 30 minute challenge, which resulted in the highest ever average distance covered – 6.85km, beating the previous best of 6.73km from 20 September 2018.

It was a new route today, beginners loop with the bottom end of the handicap. Its 2.5 round the loop and back to start, so 5 miles if you complete it, which so very nearly happened

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