Monthly handicap time trial

The monthly handicap is a timed run which we started back in April 2012.

Each person runs the same 3.6 mile course on their own or with others and logs their individual time.  Using a calculation we work out each runners “handicap” and their starting order in the monthly run.  It’s a staggered start with the slower runners going first and the fastest last.  The idea is that with the exception of the first and last runner, each person will have someone to chase whilst also being chased themselves – don’t worry its not as scary as it sounds, we promise!

The aim is that everyone should finish the course at roughly the same time. It’s an excellent way to monitor your fitness over time, and there are always plenty of people cheering you on at the finish!

The handicap takes place near the end of the month and we alternate the day the run takes place.  Future dates can be found on the calendar.

Contact Matt Pillinger if you would like to join us for the handicap run or if you want someone to run the course with you so we can log your time.


Photo from the September 2014 handicap

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