Handicap report and results July 2016

To finish, first you have to cross the start line!

For the early starters, myself included this seemed like a normal handicap run, at the finish line however we were met by Neil nursing a bandaged chin, which subsequently was treated at the hospital.


it transpired that Neil had tripped over the remains of the bollard that used to be in the middle of the path at the start line.  As I cycled past this morning I noticed that a traffic cone has been put over the offending lump of metal …

Anyway, onto more mundane matters.

Owing to the closure of the path near the M271 bridge we needed to find an alternative route this month and choose to run 2 laps of the desk 2 5km beginners circuit, which comes in at 3.96 miles, so slightly longer than usual, if less hilly.

I’m not sure if it was the new course, the nice weather or the recent graduation of desk to 5km runners which resulted in a massive turnout of 26, although only 25 actually made it past the start line!  25 is also our record official attendance, including the Anglicap (23 official runners) from Oct 13 and Horton Handicap from March 15.

With it being a new course there obviously aren’t any personal bests broken, but I have put time per mile in the results and we have course records from Naomi and Mark S.


I was also delighted to welcome first timers, Brad Lawson, Charlie Adams, Darryl Harnden, James Barwell, Jon Hancox, Khushaali Amin and Julie Lloyd.

In the current consecutive attendances record, Baz still hasn’t missed an event since last August and has an unbroken record stretching back 11 events. If he attends next month he will equal the all time record set by Mark Aston.

IMG_4466As always, a big thank you to Andy and Eddie for starting us off and timing and to all of you, who make this event what it is.  The next event is planned for Friday 26th August, but is subject to change to fit in with other events.

Finally, if you enjoyed it, tell your colleagues.  OS Runners is a big club, but we always welcome new runners and strive to make all runners welcome.