Handicap Results and Report August 2015

Well that was a wet one!

Well done to everyone who ran the handicap run on Tuesday 25th August, in somewhat damp conditions.  There were 17 runners, which is quite amazing in such conditions and in line with our YTD average of 16.1 per event.


Neil Wilson ran his first handicap and we saw Personal Bests from Diane, Dave, Pawel, Andy G and James Crawford.

Handicap August 15

Diane and James Clarke are the aged graded King and Queen for the next month – having run closest to the calculated World Record for someone of their age/sex over this distance – if you want an age grading in future events just let me have your Date of Birth.

In terms of consecutive attendances, Mark Aston, having set the all time record of 12 consecutive events last month was away for this month and so the baton passes to Matt Pillinger, with a 7 event run going back to February, however he is looking likely to miss September’s event (Friday 25th) and there is a group of people on 2 consecutive events (Sarah S, Robert F, Ruth J, Andy J, Andy G and Mike B) who will take the lead if they attend next month.

Finally, thank you to Andy Joyce and Jules Buck Rogers for starting us off and recording our times in inclement weather.  Jules also had to contend with heavy rain the previous occasion she timed.  Hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky for some Sun.