Handicap results and report August 2016

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the hot weather and the upcoming bank holiday weekend the turnout was a little lower than usual today.  Nonetheless, 10 runners is a good turnout and is enough to ensure we generally have someone visible on course.

As with last month we were running 2 laps of the beginners course, only this time, anti clockwise.  This resulted in new PB’s (on this course) for James, Baz, Karen and Matt, the latter 3 having run slowly as part of Team Thunderrun-Thundermaps last month.  Also worth noting that Karen won the women’s race and recorded the fastest time ever on that course, while Matt won the men’s race (it might be because the speed-boys didn’t run, but I don’t care, I’m claiming it!)

Results v2

It was really good to see first timer Emily Bennett out, on her first run for about a year she took the sensible decision to withdraw after 1 lap, of the 2 lap course, but as we all know, the first step is the hardest, so hopefully she’ll be out again soon.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to Rachael Evans, who having withdrawn from running due to minor injury, helped out by timing the event and hence allowing me to run.  Emily and her also took lots of photo’s, the best of which are below.  And has anyone ever seen a sky so blue?

Finally, Baz has now equalled Mark Aston’s all time record of consecutive attendances, with a run stretching back to last August, if he attends next month he takes the sole lead.