Handicap Results and Report December 2014

Well done to all 12 people who ran the ‘predicted time’ handicap today

Congratulations to Ruth who ran a very impressive PB of 30:57, knocking 1:05 off her previous best and Ian Robinson, who came close, missing his PB of 23:43 by just 3 seconds.

There are several leaders in the ‘current consecutive attendances’ challenge, with Mark A, Jules and Ian having competed, or timed, each of the last 5 events, the question is now, who will drop first from these 3 leaders …

The ladies course record remains Naomi Stanley with a time of 26:16 in event no. 19 (Feb 14). The men’s record was set by Paul Ashley with a time of  19:20 in event no. 7 (Feb 13).

This was a ‘predicted time’ handicap and I was surprisingly impressed with the accuracy of the predictions/guesses, there were 9 people who achieved a time within 1 minute of their prediction and 5 who were within 15 seconds, the winner being Eddie, with a prediction of 25:30 and an actual time of 25:27 – hope he’s enjoying the chocolates.

The most far out prediction was Andy Joyce, with a difference of 3:10 – but there are never any losers on the handicap, so he too has a small festive treat.

The next event will be on 29th January. Until then, everyone have a happy Christmas and a great new year.

Handicap Dec 14 v3


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  1. Eddie

    Thanks for organising that Matt, thoroughly enjoyed it!

    The chocs are on my desk so feel free to dig in if you’re passing! Be quick mind, there are some right gannets around here! Myself included!

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