Handicap results and report, January 2016

Don’t mention the weather

It was great to see 19 people out running the handicap today and even better to see 5 runners leaving with new personal bests – well done Sarah (who has joined the sub 30:00 club), Claire, Karen, Rollo and Baz.  Claire and Sarah both recorded a PB in December too, while Karen has recorded a PB in each of her last 3 runs (October, November and January).

Finish, chatting       We have lots of pictures today, courtesy of Robert Finch, so this report is peppered with pics of hot, sweaty and hard working runners.

I was wondering if 19 runners is a record, but actually it is the same as we had in November, although the last time we had higher numbers than this was 22 in March 2015.

James CJames displaying the oft talked about, rarely seen, 2 feet off the ground running technique, although I don’t think Viv would be too pleased with that arm swing across his body!

Mick A, Ian RIan and Mick racing to the line

mike buttMike looking strong in the last few metres as he races a car

Mark T, Jan AMark running so fast the camera couldn’t cope, with Jan in the background

james norrisJames N completed the course despite a nose-bleed en route (caused by the dizzy heights of the climb up past the stables?)

Naomi, James CNaomi being chased by James – she won 🙂Eddie, Mark SEddie being chased by Mark S, both displaying good lean forward technique

This was a ‘guess your time’ event, with runners invited to run without devices and guess their time, with a chocolate prize for the winner.

We did this in December 2014, when the winner was Eddie, 3 seconds out, July 2015, when Adam A won (2 seconds) out, while today, the winner was Mick, with a guess just 1 second out – I suspect that Mick has run so many miles over his life that he was disappointed to be 1 second wrong!  Very creditable 2nd and 3rd places to Rollo and Ian S, who were both within 5 seconds, while there were another 5 runners within 30 seconds.

Looking at the trend of 3 seconds, 2 seconds and 1 second, we really are due a spot on guess next time we run this event, which will over Summer 2016.

Jan 16 Results

FinishIt’s always great to welcome first timers to the handicap and well done Drew Nicholls and Simon Taylor, both completing their first event.  Elsewhere Eddie and Robert both joined the ’10 club’ for running or timing in 10 events, while Matt just about remains in front on total events, at 30, to give that context, this was the 43 running of the event.

The other stat worth mentioning is ‘current consecutives’, being the person who run (boom boom) of consecutive attendances stretches back the furthest – current champion is James C, with a 6 event run, with Baz in 2nd place, with a 5 event run.

Finally, big thank you to Andy and Robert for helping out with starting, timing, identifying runners through the rain, photography and perhaps most importantly, using their bodies as rain shields to keep the paper I was result recording on reasonably dry!