Handicap Results and Report March 2016

Well done to everyone who ran the March handicap, particularly first timers Owain, Rick and Rachael and welcome back to Tara whose last run was the inaugural event in 2012 (she also ran in the Anglicap in 2013 but we don’t have a time recorded).


We had 18 runners out, which seems like quite a lot at the finish, but is actually pretty much in line with our average over 2015 and 2016.  I’m hoping that soon we will consistently break the 20 barrier.

Big kudos to Karen, Claire and Tim who all left with new personal bests and are all also on a run of consecutive of PB’s which stretches back to their last 3 events for Claire and 4 for Karen and Tim.

MAr 16 results v2

Karen’s impressive run also earned her the title of WAVA Queen for the month, while James Clarke is WAVA King.  For those who are unfamiliar with WAVA, this is your time as a percentage of the calculated World Record for someone of your age and sex over this distance – so the closer to 100% the better.  If you don’t have a WAVA grade its because I don’t have your date of birth – so if you’d like one next month just let me know it.



If I was any good with photoshop I would add a Crown and robes to Karen and James’s pictures

20160322_125617Naomi was so fast she nearly ran out of the picture!20160322_125607Keith pacing Adam to a new PB – nearly – must do better Mr Spiers

20160322_125935Baz ‘The Gentleman’ Newman escorting Rachael around the course

20160322_125537James imagining the finish line is in fact the try line at Twickenham and going all in for the final few yards

20160322_12572120160322_125836Rick and Paul either don’t feel the heat, or didn’t look at the weather forecast

20160322_125551Claire on her way to PB no. 3

20160322_12560020160322_125531Tim and Mark both powering for the line20160322_130327Baz held onto the current consecutive attendance record, having attended the last 7 events.  TBH, the enthusiasm he showed for getting this title, I don’t think he is planning on relinquishing it anytime soon, but if he should falter, Ian S is currently in position 2, with each event of the last 5 attended.

Finally, my thanks to Ian Smith and Robert Finch for timing and photographing this event.  The next event will be on Friday 29th April.