Handicap Results and Report May 2015

Well done to everyone who ran the handicap run today.  We are continuing to attract good numbers and had 17 runners today (YTD average of 18 and full year 2014 average of 11).


There were no first timers, but 2 people recorded new personal bests, well done Nick Lindsay and especially Laura Metcalf who ran 25:35 and in the process set a new ladies course record, knocking 41 seconds off the time set by Naomi Stanley which has stood since February 2014*.

As promised, I have also included WAVA gradings on the times below, for those who provided me with their DoB.  The higher your WAVA grade, the closer you are to the World Record for someone of your age and sex over this distance.

For the men, Mark Stileman took the WAVA win with a percentage of 79.0%, while Viv took the ladies title with 73.1%.  Both of these results showing that our WAVA grades can improve as we get older (sorry Viv and Mark) provided we practice regularly.

Handicap May 15

In terms of current consecutive attendances, Mark Aston remains the leader with a very impressive run of 10 attendances (running or timing) stretching back to August 2014, while Ian Smith is in second place with an almost equally impressive run from last September.  These 2 runs did start me wondering what the record is for current consecutives – it is now held jointly by John Horton (who had a 10 event run in 2012-13) and Mark.  Mark then therefore take the sole leaders position if he runs the next event, which will be on Monday 22 June.

This will also be a ‘no devices, guess your time’ event for those who wish to participate.  What this means is that you run without any timing device and estimate / guess your time before you start, there will be a small prize for the closest guess, which last time was won by Eddie, with just 3 seconds difference between his guess and actual time.

Finally, thank you to Mark Tabor & assistant Robert Finch for setting us off and timing today and hence enabling the event to take place.  Mark also ran the course afterwards and hence why he is recorded in the results.

* Laura also went the long way round the corner from Romsey Road to Redbridge Lane, so could go even faster!

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