September 2021 Handicap – There are big races coming up

It was great to welcome first timers- Clare Howson, Matt Mundy and for the first time on Explorer House course, Magdalena Low – who also became the 2nd fastest women on the course – Karen holding the course record.

With several big (long) races coming up, I wasn’t expecting a huge attendance for the September 2021 handicap, so was actually pleasantly surprised that we had 16 runners, including some first timers.

Just the 1 PB, from Peter Baker who drew a great map of his route and managed to avoid ‘the hill’ on the common, having recently completed the Winchester half marathon too.

Although I consider the path from Cowherds to Crossroads to be ‘uphill’ even if not a proper ‘hill’.

I was obviously pleased to just be back running, after 3 months out with a stress fracture in my ankle, running round with Mag made it extra enjoyable as we both push each other fairly hard – running with friends is so much more fun (& probably faster) than the solo running that we’ve all done so much of in the last 18 months.

Helen Newman mid yawn – in fairness she had just run an ultra (any distance greater than a marathon)

Anyway, enough chat, I know you all want to see the times;

Yellow indicates non EH route, Red and Bold is a PB

As Explorer House gets more occupied we are seeing a few more handicaps on the ‘normal’ course, but at different days/times in the week to suit work commitments. As I say in meeting invite, I ‘block out’ time in your calendar so hopefully most of us can run at the same time, but in reality, anytime in the week of handicap and on any course is absolutely fine.

Well done everyone and see you next month